Best Destination to Travel in 2019

Sri Lanka secured the top spot in the Lonely Planet’s best travel destinations list of countries to visit in 2019.

Germany, Zimbabwe, Panama, Kyrgyzstan, Jordan, Indonesia, Belarus, São Tomé and Príncipe and Belize have been listed as other top global destinations.

“Sri Lanka is decidedly having its moment in the equatorial sun and change is coming swiftly. Already notable to intrepid travellers for its mix of religions and cultures, its timeless temples, its rich and accessible wildlife, its growing surf scene and its people who defy all odds by their welcome and friendliness after decades of civil conflict, this is a country revived,” Lonely Planet said.

“There’s now more than ever for families, adrenaline junkies, eco-tourists, wellness seekers and foodies of all budgets. Even the north and east, including areas previously off limits, difficult to reach or lacking in services, deliver new discoveries,” it also added.

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